Friday, February 01, 2008

Trapped at Grandma's House

Mom and I are staying at Grandma's house while we take care of her cats, chickens, and plants. I stay in our little room and watch TV while Mom does all the work. My job is to eat my stinky goodness. Mmmmmm - salmon - my favorite!! Grandma will be back on Monday so Mom and I will go home then. I may be only in one room, but I get to watch CABLE TV!! I've been watching the Sci-fi channel all day (not my choice but Mom says that there isn't a cat channel).

Mom is pretty annoyed about a major road here getting a sinky place under it. I don't drive so I don't care. I don't know what a sinky place is but it sounds weird. She says that lots of weird things go on here in Albuquerque and that the sinky place is just a little weirder than usual. She thinks that there's a brrrmooda triangle under the whole town.

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