Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy 'Nip Day!

Well, any day with 'nip is a happy day! We have been busy. Mom has moved the furnitures a lot. I ask her how do I know where to hide when that scary Oops! man comes here with packages when she moves the furnitures around??

Things is quiet here (except for the upstairs people who use power tools in the middle of the night).

I has been getting lots of exercise. I sneak up behind mom and pat her legs and run away so she doesn't know who did it. She's not supposed to know but she always does. I don't know how she knows its me - I'm very, very fast!!

Mom has a new computer so its lots easier for me to turn it on and use it while she's asleepin'. So I'll try to write more often...unless I forgets, of course!

Here's my baby picture from before I came to live with mom.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Trapped at Grandma's House

Mom and I are staying at Grandma's house while we take care of her cats, chickens, and plants. I stay in our little room and watch TV while Mom does all the work. My job is to eat my stinky goodness. Mmmmmm - salmon - my favorite!! Grandma will be back on Monday so Mom and I will go home then. I may be only in one room, but I get to watch CABLE TV!! I've been watching the Sci-fi channel all day (not my choice but Mom says that there isn't a cat channel).

Mom is pretty annoyed about a major road here getting a sinky place under it. I don't drive so I don't care. I don't know what a sinky place is but it sounds weird. She says that lots of weird things go on here in Albuquerque and that the sinky place is just a little weirder than usual. She thinks that there's a brrrmooda triangle under the whole town.