Sunday, November 26, 2006

I gets brave

My uncle fished me out from under mom's recliner. Mommy held me for a long time and petted and talked to me. I like her so much that I stayed on her lap even after she stopped holding me up near her face. I got such a nice mommy! She talked and talked to me and I nearly fell asleep on her. I hope she fishes me out of there again soon. She's nice!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Stealth Cat -- decloaked

My uncle caught me and held me (he used to take care of me before he brought me to mom's house) and then he had mom hold me. She's nice! I've been working up to getting closer to her but I'm kinda shy. Mom held me and I purred for her. She let me get off her lap finally so I got into the entertainment center to watch her for a while. I did not go back under the recliner, though. I'm getting kind of tired of hiding out under there. Mom says I'm pretty and that my eyes are amber-colored (whatever that is) and not green like in my picture.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Stealth Report

Well, mom is onto my hiding spot (under the recliner) but I is way too smart for her. She lifts it up, I run out, she puts it down, and I get back under it. Bwahahahaha! Sometimes I runs over and hides out in the entertainment center (love it -- lots of hiding spots) and laugh to myself while she talks and talks and talks to me. Truth is, I'm not as ascared of her as I used to be but I still won't let her get very close. Sometimes I talk to her at night and then run away when she answers. Gotta make sure she knows that I'm in charge here!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stealth Kitty

That's what mom calls me now -- the Stealth Kitty. I can't help it that this place is all carpeted and that my footies don't make any noise! I haven't let mom see me but she knows I'm here...I think. She must know -- she keeps my sandbox nice and clean and makes sure that there are lots of crunchies and water. I keep finding these little thingies with 'nip in them (I know it is called 'nip because you all told me so). I hear mom laughing when she sees that I've been moving them around. Someone has to decorate this place! Mom says she feels like she lives in a giant cubicle...whatever that is!