Sunday, November 19, 2006

Stealth Report

Well, mom is onto my hiding spot (under the recliner) but I is way too smart for her. She lifts it up, I run out, she puts it down, and I get back under it. Bwahahahaha! Sometimes I runs over and hides out in the entertainment center (love it -- lots of hiding spots) and laugh to myself while she talks and talks and talks to me. Truth is, I'm not as ascared of her as I used to be but I still won't let her get very close. Sometimes I talk to her at night and then run away when she answers. Gotta make sure she knows that I'm in charge here!


Cecilia said...

Sounds like you really are in charge.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Hmmm. You haf an unusual way of trainin yur beans. I look forward to readin more of yur research notes. Haf a nice Fanksgivin - it's a day when beans are aposed to share lotsa turkey wif us.