Thursday, December 28, 2006

Messed with Mom's Mind

I am still laughing (quietly). When mom called me, I answered to my name today. She nearly falled off the chair! So I'm rearranging things again. The kitty who doesn't change her mind doesn't have one. I've even started following her to another room instead of hiding under the bed. I don't mind the bed -- I keep my toys under there. I play with them when mom is asleep. Wheeee! I is having some serious fun here!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Name change

Mom finally gave up and now she calls me Boo-Boo. Why? Because I won't answer to anything else! I don't answer to Boo-Boo all that much either, to be honest. But I did not like being called Chloe so I just ignored her when she called me that. I am still a stealth cat but not quite as much as I used to be. Mom is great for taking long naps on. She keeps wanting to move around, though, which really cuts into my nap times!

Happy (insert the holiday of your choice here)!

Merry Christmas, fellow kitties!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Stealth Cat is getting tired of being stealthy

I let mom hold me for a whole hour this week. Now she thinks she can hold me whenever she wants to! Humph! I do like to sleep by her but I like to run away when she tries to pet me. It is hard to get over being a feral kitty! I love mom and like her to pet me but I'm still nervous. I heard her tell grandma that these things take time and that we just have to be patient. I talk to her at night and she always answers so I do feel safe. Its just hard to calm down sometimes!