Saturday, August 16, 2008

I forgotted again

Well, it has been one long, hot summer. And with it being 'monsoon season' lately, it is hot with a gazillion per cent humidity. That said, we're getting a decent amount of rain here in Albaturkey! Rain = good; Humidity = annoying. So there. I don't got new pictures lately (Mom's fault, of course -- I can't work the camera myself). I has a new trick that Mom loves. I sits up on my back foots and stretches up to touch Mom's finger with my nose while still sitting. She has been calling me "Kit-monk." I don't know why -- I don't have no kit and I is not a monk! I is a GIRL and girls aren't monks! Silly Mom. If she gets a pitchure, I'll post it. She hasn't managed yet .... heh heh heh.

I hope you all is having good summers!!