Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm suspicious

This is an interesting place but I'm still suspicious. I let mom pet me a few days ago...briefly. She keeps feeding me and scooping my box, though. And I found these nifty thingies that smell good and I like to smack them around at night when mom is asleep. I heard mom say tell her mom that they have this "catnip" stuff in them. I hid one from mom but she found the other one. She's still trying to find out where I hide when she's home. I'll never tell.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

This is me

New in, really!

Mom's brother just brought me here to Albuquerque to live with her. I used to live outside in Phoenix and mom's brother fed me. The mean apartment people wouldn't let me move in with him so he brought me to mom's house, which is not the same but it looks promising. I'll have to get used to being inside all the time, but mom has lots of places for me to see outside so I guess I'll get used to it. She keeps the food and treats coming and I have my first ever sandbox! Mom is happy that I'm here even though I am keeping my distance for now.