Monday, October 12, 2015

Betcha thought I forgot about this blog!  To be honest, I did!  Lots going on...sort of.  Chloe and I just mostly try to hang out and watch our food intake.  Our wonderful vet cut back Chloe's diet so I'm dieting in sympathy.  The only problem with this is the new member of the family,  Persephone Jane.  She is a long-haired tortoiseshell and will be 3 in March 2016.  Chloe Saphira turned 9 in August.  Persephone is kind of a maniac and if she isn't fed that amount at least 3x/day, she mutinies and runs back and forth through our apartment,  sometimes bullying Chloe.  I do watch them and Chloe pretty much holds her own, even though Persephone is bigger than she is!  We are all three too fat so the battle goes on...

Persephone was pretty quiet when I first adopted her (previous owner was going to take her to the pound for no good reason) so my niece and I stepped in and she came to live with Chloe and me.  Once she settled in, she nearly drove us bonkers!  After getting my tax refund, I had her spayed and things are still pretty lively but not like before!!

Anyway, we are doing well here in Albuturkey and hope you are doing the same!