Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stealth Kitty

That's what mom calls me now -- the Stealth Kitty. I can't help it that this place is all carpeted and that my footies don't make any noise! I haven't let mom see me but she knows I'm here...I think. She must know -- she keeps my sandbox nice and clean and makes sure that there are lots of crunchies and water. I keep finding these little thingies with 'nip in them (I know it is called 'nip because you all told me so). I hear mom laughing when she sees that I've been moving them around. Someone has to decorate this place! Mom says she feels like she lives in a giant cubicle...whatever that is!


Kung Fu Kitty said...

Ooo a cubicle... uh oh, that's sort of like one of those brazil nut places? whatever a brazil nut is. My mamma says I'm a bit of a nut so it must be a good thing because I'm precious.

Millie said...

I know what you mean, being able to creep around silently and surprise the people. But it can work both ways. Sometimes the Lady surprises ME by finding me where she didn't expect to see me. Then we BOTH get freaked out.

But I don't know what a cubicle is, either.