Monday, January 14, 2008


Mom finally got a digicam (that's what she calls it) so she just might get around to photographing ME for my tremenjous blog! How cool is that?! I just visited William's blog so I'm going to respond to one of the posties:

1.. I didn't get bigger but I got fatter. Mom calls me her kittytank. That's not nice! I suppose it's better than calling me "Airbus" though.
2. I like to sleep on my mom. Anywhere on my mom. She says I cut the circulation off in her legs when I sleep on them at night. That's wrong. I think she does that herself!
3. I love to throw the sand after using the stink-box. I could win if we had some kitty olympics for sand-throwing.
4. My nails finally grew back all the way after the last cat fix-it place visit in November. Now I can do some REAL damage to the recliner and I'm happy-happy about that!
5. I like to talk to mom a lot but she says I sound like I never learned how to meow properly. What does she espect anyway -- I'm the only fur person here (thank goodness!!).
6. I is a good hider. When people come over, they only know I live here because they see my dishes and my stink-box.
7. My favorite stinky goodness is anything with salmon in it. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So those are my answers. That was fun!

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