Saturday, December 15, 2012


I am absolutely 'shamed!  I have shockingly neglected posting!  I've moved (yay having our own washer & dryer!) and other stuff.  My mom can't seem to finish unpacking though.  She talks about "decluttering."  I hope she doesn't declutter me!  The clutter?  Meh.  She does have too much stuff, though. 

We're glad the hot, hot summer is over and it is nice and cold.  Mom says it's better than summer but wishes it was a little bit warmer.  I'm glad that I don't go outside!  We worry about kitties that do go outside and even more about kitties with no inside to go to.

We have our Christmas decorations out but haven't decided on a place for a tree yet.  Mom will need to do that decluttering stuff so we can put a tree up.  It will have to be a little one, though, but that's okay.

Merry Christmas to all the kitties out there and to their peoples, too!

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