Saturday, August 16, 2008

I forgotted again

Well, it has been one long, hot summer. And with it being 'monsoon season' lately, it is hot with a gazillion per cent humidity. That said, we're getting a decent amount of rain here in Albaturkey! Rain = good; Humidity = annoying. So there. I don't got new pictures lately (Mom's fault, of course -- I can't work the camera myself). I has a new trick that Mom loves. I sits up on my back foots and stretches up to touch Mom's finger with my nose while still sitting. She has been calling me "Kit-monk." I don't know why -- I don't have no kit and I is not a monk! I is a GIRL and girls aren't monks! Silly Mom. If she gets a pitchure, I'll post it. She hasn't managed yet .... heh heh heh.

I hope you all is having good summers!!

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William said...

I gotta see that!

Hope you've been staying at least a little cool, but who can afford the electricity bills?!? (Actually, that's my mom's question, since I have no idea.) Floors and tile and brick are your best bets.

But now we're enjoying the coolish weather and we're going to get spoiled and then we'll all be cranky again when the heat and humidity are a million again!