Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm bored

I'm bored. I lost all my new moosies and Mom isn't home so I can't bite her. She's helping Grandma with her computer. Grandma should have asked me. I'm much better at messin' with computers than Mom is. I don't like our printer, though. It goes real fast and spits papers out at us!

I think William's sister is right about getting extra stuff for forgotten birthdays! I hope she and Russell Bustle get some good stuff. I hope William does, too! I was lucky - Mom got me 3 new moosies for my firstest birthday last year. Since I will be two, I had better get 6 new moosies!! Mom said to me the other day, "Chloe, will you please stop killing your moosies? The cotton stuffing is making a mess!" I told her that it isn't stuffing; its guts and they're supposed to be messy. So there, Mom!

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The Fluffy Tribe said...

yep moosie guts are apossed to be messy ~the Fluffy Tribe